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Growing old is inevitable,
but disease is VERY preventable.

Private nutrition consultation is available for those interested in reducing symptoms of chronic and terminal disease using food and safe, natural methods only.  Although we are not offering a "cure" for any disease, the information that we teach in our workshops and lectures have been proven (in diet-related studies) to be highly effective against diet and lifestyle-related diseases of all types, included most cancers.  In some cases, complete reversal of the disease has been achieved, even after a terminal diagnosis.

We believe in food as medicine.  
We believe in the principles of Earth/Air/Fire/Water.  
We believe that where there is a will to live that is strong enough to make the changes needed, there is u
sually a way back to good health.

$105 for your initial 3-hour consultation 
at my location in Saint Cloud, FL,
or at your location for an additional fee,
depending on travel expenses.

(Includes diet plan, detoxification protocols, food as medicine protocols, and information about other alternative resources in the Orlando area that greatly enhance the benefits of the diet.  Approximately one week later, a new revised diet plan will be available, based on the information provided at the initial consultation.) 

$45 -Grocery Store Tour my location 
(or I will come to your nearest grocery store $55, Greater Orlando only)

The grocery store tour is also offered by the Osceola County Sheriff's Office, and has become a popular way to introduce healthier choices into a new diet at a much faster rate than a person could accomplish without this guided tour through the thousands of unhealthy choices on our grocery store isles today.  This one-hour tour will show you the best-of-the-best that an average American grocery store has to offer, eliminating hundreds of hours of reading labels yourself.  

$45 - Hourly consultations fee (our location)
$55+  - Hourly fee (your location, Greater Orlando area only)

$15 - $25  - Workshops/Lectures/Cooking Classes
Prices vary, check our calendar page for up-coming events!


I provide nutrition advise and general health information that is only intended to assist people in their personal lifestyle management. Nothing on this website should be construed as medical advice or diagnosis. The information contained herein is intended as a supplement to—not a substitute for—the knowledge, expertise, skill, and judgment of physicians or other healthcare professionals in patient care.


Please visit
for fermented products and class information. 


Host a private class
at your location!

Choose from following topics:

Alkaline Lifestyle and Healthy Eating

Detoxification Methods

Food as Medicine

Ancient Religious Medicine
and Medicine Wheels

Oils and Fats/Ketogenic Principles


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No information on this site or in my classes is intended to replace professional medical advice.

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